Resuming Fares in Chittenden County

Important Notice:

Fares are Resuming May 20th in Chittenden County.

Medicaid Members May be Eligible for a Free Bus Pass

If you are an active member of Vermont Medicaid or Dr. Dynasaur, you may be eligible to receive an unlimited monthly bus pass at no cost, offering you a convenient and cost- effective way to continue to get to your Medicaid-covered services and appointments.

Call Green Mountain Transit to see if you qualify at (802) 540-2468.

Steps to Qualify:

  1. Do you live within ¾ of a mile of a bus stop?
  2. Do you have a medical appointment in the next 30 days? GMT will check if your Medicaid benefit covers transportation and if your provider is Medicaid billable. GMT will run a DMV check on your household to verify eligibility.
  3. If you answered Yes to questions 1 and 2, call Green Mountain Transit (802) 540-2468 to see if you qualify for the monthly pass.


If you have questions about your Medicaid eligibility for transportation, call VPTA toll-free at (833) 387-7200 or email to discuss with a representative.

Need Help?
Call or Email for Transportation Support:
833-387-7200 (toll-free)