About VPTA

Vermont Public Transportation Association works to increase mobility for Vermonters by providing service for Non-Emergency Medical Appointments, Elderly and Disabled Transportation, Rides To Work (economic development), Mobility For Non-Drivers, Choices For Commuters, Access to Tourist Areas and Decreasing Dependence on Automobiles and Improved Air Quality. 

Our membership includes all eight transportation providers serving the state of Vermont. We pride ourselves in delivering reliable, accessible, affordable and efficient public transportation. We work hard to increase awareness of public transportation for all Vermonters, because when people have the opportunity to do things that enrich their lives, the whole community thrives.

In 2019 alone, VPTA collectively delivered 5,126,151 rides.

Our Mission

Our mission is to improve mobility of people in Vermont by increasing awareness of public transportation benefits and needs through education and advocacy. 

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