The 2020 Census ends on September 30th, please take five minutes at  or call 844-330-2020 to make sure you count.       Already filled out your Census form?  Thank You!  Now, ask your friends and family if they've done the same.  Completing the Census is a civic duty that helps… has built a map to view COVID-19 active cases per million by county. The map is updated weekly on Friday. To view the map, click here.
The state of Vermont received over $800,000 from the Federal Transit Authority to replace older public transportation vehicles across the state! Click here to learn more. 
"The epidemiologists also were unsure whether riding transit in America was riskier than other activities amid the pandemic, such as going to the gym or eating at a restaurant with outdoor seating." Click here to read the full story. 
Green Mountain Community Network continues to go above and beyond to keep both drivers and riders safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. Keep up the great work GMCN! To read the full article, click here.
Click here to learn more about frequently asked questions regarding COVID-19 pop-up testing. 
New on Traveler Information Traveling to Vermont or coming back from a trip out of state? The Health Department’s new travel web page is dedicated to providing Vermonters with travel-related information and guidance, including for quarantining and testing. NEW: Anyone coming to Vermont…
If you are sick, please follow these basic guidelines to keep from spreading illness to others:-Stay at home and do not ride the bus if sick-Avoid touching your nose, eyes and mouth-Cover your cough or sneeze with a tissue and immediately discard-Disinfect and clean frequently touched surfaces  Please…
Click here to access Go! Vermont's posted on how to use public transit during the COVID-19 pandemic. 
Effective May 2, 2020 until further notice: Per the Governor’s Executive Order, all passengers riding public transportation in the state of Vermont will be required to wear a cloth face covering. 
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