May 16th-20, 2022 Want to try a different way of getting around? How about a healthy option, one that can save you some money and even be fun? You can reduce carbon pollution in Vermont and impact worldwide climate change. Park Your Carbon is a week-long initiative to help change Vermonters’ transportation and commuting habits by encouraging green ways of travel. Do it for a day, a week or make it a habit.
If you're a Vermonter age 75 and older, please use this link to book an appointment for your COVID-19 vaccine! ELIGIBILITY INFORMATION Who is eligible to get a vaccine? Beginning on January 25, 2021 people who are 75 years and older and live, work, or access primary care in Vermont are eligible to…
Qualified applicants can get a MileageSmart incentive of 25% of the purchase price — up to $5,000 — towards a used, high efficiency car.   Not only will this incentive help bring down your monthly payment, but you’ll be investing in a high miles-per-gallon vehicle that will save money, and the planet,…
The state of Vermont received over $800,000 from the Federal Transit Authority to replace older public transportation vehicles across the state! Click here to learn more. 
"The epidemiologists also were unsure whether riding transit in America was riskier than other activities amid the pandemic, such as going to the gym or eating at a restaurant with outdoor seating." Click here to read the full story. 
Green Mountain Community Network continues to go above and beyond to keep both drivers and riders safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. Keep up the great work GMCN! To read the full article, click here.
Click here to learn more about frequently asked questions regarding COVID-19 pop-up testing. 
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