MileageSmart program can help you buy your next car!

Qualified applicants can get a MileageSmart incentive of 25% of the purchase price — up to $5,000 — towards a used, high efficiency car.


Not only will this incentive help bring down your monthly payment, but you’ll be investing in a high miles-per-gallon vehicle that will save money, and the planet, for years to come.


The process is simple: apply for the MileageSmart incentive online, set up your car loan to finance the rest of the purchase price, and then find an eligible car! Click here to learn more and start your application


To be eligible for the MileageSmart incentive, applicants must be 18 years or older, meet the income qualifications, as well as a few other guidelines. In order for a vehicle to be eligible, it must be used, sold through a Vermont dealership, and get at least 40 per gallon (or the electric equivalent). Visit the MileageSmart website to learn more about eligibility, to see example vehicles and payment plans, learn about Capstone’s recommended lending partners, as well as FAQs and additional resources.


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