Board of Directors


Vermont Public Transportation Association is a group made up of all the public transportation providers in Vermont. 

Elaine Haytko
VPTA Executive Director
Jim Moulton
VPTA Board Chair- Tri-Valley Transit, Executive Director (ACTR, STSI)
Fred Saar
Rural Community Transportation, Inc, Executive Director (RCT)
Adam Lawrence
VPTA- Treasurer- Special Services Transportation Agency, Executive Director (SSTA)
Jon Moore
VPTA Secretary - Green Mountain Transit, General Manager (GMT)
Ken Putnam
Marble Valley Regional Transit District, Executive Director (MVRTD; The Bus)
Terence White
Green Mountain Community Network, Executive Director (GMCN)
Van Chesnut
Advanced Transit, Inc, Executive Director (AT)
Randy Schoonmaker
Southeast Vermont Transit, CEO (SEVT; The Moover)
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