Board of Directors


Vermont Public Transportation Association is a group made up of all the public transportation providers in Vermont. 

Elaine Haytko
VPTA Executive Director
Jim Moulton
VPTA Board Chair- Tri-Valley Transit, Executive Director (ACTR, STSI)
Adam Lawrence
VPTA Board Treasurer- Special Services Transportation Agency, Executive Director (SSTA)
Ken Putnam
VPTA Vice Board Chair-Marble Valley Regional Transit District, Executive Director (MVRTD: The Bus)
Adams Carroll
Secretary of the Board of Directors- Advanced Transit, Inc, Executive Director (AT)
Clayton Clark
Green Mountain Transit, General Manager (GMT)
Caleb Grant
Rural Community Transportation, Inc, Executive Director (RCT)
Terence White
Green Mountain Community Network, Executive Director (GMCN)
Randy Schoonmaker
Southeast Vermont Transit, CEO (SEVT; The Moover)
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