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Vermont Public Transportation Association

Mobility Manager 

Bennington, VT

Position Reports To: Executive Director of Vermont Public Transportation Association

Description of Work:

VPTA is seeking a candidate who is highly motivated to assist Vermont residents with mobility challenges find access to transportation. This will include planning, researching, community outreach, and the development of building individual mobility plans for rider and partners involved in their care.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

With the aim of supporting and promoting transportation services that increase mobility and access for seniors, people with disabilities, veterans, and low-income individuals, the core responsibilities are as follows:

·         Research and share information about transportation services and best practices

·         Conduct outreach to foster partnerships among key stakeholders

·         Provide technical assistance to stakeholders looking to implement best practices and innovative approaches to community transportation coordination and mobility management

·         Serve as a resource to partner agencies, organizations, and community transportation providers

·         Support efforts to identify coordinated, efficient, cost-effective solutions to consumers’ transportation needs.

·         Attend community meetings and present at meetings to increase knowledge of mobility management resources

·         Perform other duties as assigned


Experience in a Transit Planning environment is desirable but not required. Candidates must demonstrate clear interest or a working knowledge in public transportation.


·         Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent experience

·         Excellent verbal and written communication skills, presentation skills, tact and diplomacy

·         Ability to plan, organize and prioritize; coordinate complex tasks and activities, and work independently and in a team environment.

·         Willingness to travel around Vermont to meet with stakeholders in all regions

·         Proficiency in Microsoft office suite

·         Experience in coalition-building or community organization a plus

Application Process:

·         Interested applicants should submit a resume and cover letter to Vermont Public Transportation Association office by the due date.

·         Applicant will be required to pass all background checks and have a valid driver’s license.



Tri-Valley Transit

Green Mountain Transit

Rural Community Transportation

Special Service Transportation Agency 

Marble Valley Regional Transit



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At Vermont Public Transportation Association, we are dedicated to providing excellent public transportation to the state of Vermont. Just as our volunteers are dedicated to providing excellent transportation to the state of Vermont, we are committed to our volunteers. After all, they ensure that every passenger is receiving reliable, accessible, affordable, and efficient public services. 

To keep our volunteers happy, we offer generous mileage reimbursement that is non-taxable. In addition, we celebrate and support a diverse workplace for the benefit of all. 

If you want to give back and help members of your local community by providing quality transportation to essential appointments and to improve their quality of life, please take a look at our volunteer opportunities currently available at the Vermont Public Transportation Association. 

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